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  Ultra low-cost, flat-rate fees

Although fundraisers and donors may not appreciate the impact of card-processing fees, UK charities are acutely aware of transaction costs. For example, the amount deducted from donations made via the UK's largest fundraising platform is 1.9% + 20p per transaction. For the average donation of £40, card-processing fees are close to £1.00. For a £500 donation, the charity loses £9.70 in card fees.

At Wonderful Payments, we've slashed the cost of payment processing to a flat-rate 10p per transaction with no percentage charges - that's a 90% saving on the cost of processing an average donation.

  Secure, cardless payments

Wonderful payments are processed using secure online or mobile banking to transfer funds directly from the donor's bank account to the charity's. There is no need for donors to create an account to make a donation.

Payments are cardless and instant - eliminating the need to enter sixteen digit card numbers, expiry dates, CVVs, the cardholder's name, address and postcode - removing unnecessary friction from the donation flow. Furthermore, your donor's details are protected by the very same bank systems they already know and trust.

  Simple, intuitive flow

Add a Wonderful Donate button to your charity website - or include it as an alternative to sit alongside any existing payment options. We guide your donors through the simple process of making a donation:

  1. The donor clicks the Donate button which initiates an intuitive donation flow carrying the charity's name and logo;
  2. The donor is asked to select or enter a donation amount, provide optional Gift Aid details and enter their email address;
  3. An email is sent to the donor, with a prompt to open it on their mobile phone;
  4. The email confirms the donation amount and recipient (your charity) and asks the donor to select their bank;
  5. The donor's mobile bank app is opened in the usual way (password, biometrics, etc.) with the payment pending and simply awaiting confirmation.

If the donor is already using a mobile device to view your charity website, steps 2, 3 and 4 are not required.

  User-friendly admin area

Once logged in, you'll be able to:

Upload documents required to enable your Wonderful Payments account;

Configure your Donate button to a style which fits neatly with the design of your own website;

Create a Public Profile page on the Wonderful Payments website for your charity (optional) to allow supporters to donate directly to your charity;

View and download transactions via our intuitive Dashboard.

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