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  About us

Wonderful Payments offers a solution to the high cost of processing online donations by leveraging secure, direct bank transfer supported by Open Banking and in partnership with Citizen UK Holding Ltd. Not only is this around 90% cheaper (for an average donation of £40), but the payment process uses the in-built security of donors’ mobile or online banking to initiate and complete each transaction.

 The challenge

We created Wonderful Payments in direct response to the challenge arising from the enormous success of our fee-free online giving platform, Wonderful.org. The platform grew rapidly in 2019, hosting fundraising pages for around 2,500 charities and processing £5m with absolutely no deductions from donations made to our charities. This was made possible with the support of our corporate sponsor at the time, The Co-operative Bank, but the high cost of card-processing was a cause for concern as the platform’s popularity increased.

 The solution

We paused Wonderful.org on 1st April (as a result of COVID-19 staffing challenges), but the fee-free giving platform will be re-opening shortly. When it does, the platform will use Citizen exclusively for payment processing. Citizen's transaction fees - met by Wonderful.org's new corporate sponsor, WHYPAY? - are low and flat-rate. They are charged per transaction, irrespective of the donation value. This means Wonderful.org becomes entirely scalable whilst remaining completely free for charities to use, no matter the value of donations we process.

 Not just Wonderful.org

We appreciate that many charities rely upon donations but don’t attract the event-style fundraising with which Wonderful.org is synonymous. We are very pleased to offer the same rates met by our corporate sponsor to all charities registered with the Charity Commission.

In order to take advantage of these rates, charities simply need to register with us and add a Donate button to their website. This can be styled and customised to integrate with the look and feel of the host website. Payments are made directly from the donor's bank account to the charity account with a maximum flat-rate charge of 10p per transaction, which decreases for charities receiving highvolumes of donations. There are no other charges whatsoever.

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