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In 2016, the Wonderful Organisation was launched, born from the realisation of how much was being deducted from charitable donations in platform fees and card processing charges. The Wonderful Organisation offered a totally fee-free alternative; there were no platform fees, and card processing fees were covered by then-corporate sponsor, The Co-Operative Bank.

The problem with this model was the so-called ‘success paradox’. The more fundraising that happened through Wonderful.org, the more card payments would be processed and the more fees would need to be paid by The Co-Operative Bank.

Fortunately, the fees didn’t reach levels beyond the Co-Operative Bank’s capacity before the Wonderful Organisation paused its operations in April 2020 (as a result of COVID-19 staffing challenges). The team took the break as an opportunity to tackle this ‘success paradox’.

The meteoric rise of Open Banking offered the perfect solution. It allows us to provide incredibly low-cost transactions by eliminating card processing altogether, instead using Open Banking’s account-to-account transfers.

Wonderful Payments leverages this power to give charities the best possible transaction rates for their donations, so that their hard-earned funds can be put to good use. We provide Donate buttons and fundraising pages through which donors can send money directly from their bank account to the charity’s.

Of course, as active fundraisers, the Wonderful team was keen to continue providing a fee-free platform for other people hoping to raise money for causes close to their heart. In March 2021, the Wonderful Organisation relaunched, also using the power of Open Banking to provide quick, secure donations without the ‘success paradox’ posed by card processing fees. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of Open Banking.

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