A2A Payments




and free for UK registered charities*

A2A (account-to-account) payments are direct transfers to your charity, securely authorised from your donors' online or mobile bank accounts.

*Subject to fair usage.

Let's make giving easier.

Digging around for debit/credit cards and entering long numbers is frustrating for donors.

With Wonderful's Open Banking powered payments, your supporters instantly verify their payment using their existing mobile/online banking service.

Out with the old

Please enter your

Card payments are clunky, outdated and expensive for charities.

In with the new

Simply choose your bank and verify your
payment via mobile/online banking.

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Powered by Open Banking

A secure banking practice that changes how banks and other financial institutions handle our financial data.

By creating a secure system of communication between banks and third-party providers Open Banking paves the way for better financial services and products. Wonderful uses Open Banking in partnership with FCA-regulated provider, Citizen to process donations for UK charities.


Much easier than card payments. No sixteen digit card numbers, CVVs or other details to enter.


No card payments means no card processing fees, and that means more cash for your charity.


With better security, as every transaction is authorised and protected by the donor's own banking app.

Ditch the fees

With a £100,000 charity income, you'll lose

£1,900+ in Stripe/Paypal fees*


With Wonderful, you get the whole cake.

Wonderful is 100% fee-free for UK registered charities, subject to fair usage.

There are no set-up costs or monthly subscriptions. Your charity receives every penny, and every penny is transferred directly and securely between the donor’s and charity’s bank account.

So you can spend more on what matters.

Saving 1.4% + 20p on £100,000 worth of donations could pay for...


Hot meals




Text books



*Over a year, 2,500 donations with an average value of £40 would be free via Wonderful, and would cost £1,900 in transaction fees based on Stripe and Paypal non-profit rates. Fees on other platforms can be even higher, up to 8% of the donation value.

Easy integration

Donate buttons

Style and embed a donate button on your charity website to start receiving fee-free donations.

Seamlessly integrate with wonderful by pasting our small piece of code on your site, or by simply linking to your dedicated donation page.


Activity monitoring

Get a bird's-eye view of your donations with our user-friendly dashboard.

Full transaction data
With CSV exports

Search for and filter transactions
Find exactly what you need

Customise your charity profile
Including suggested donation amounts


All donors are given the option to add Gift Aid, boosting your donation by 25%.

Charities can easily export formatted Gift Aid data to claim this back from HMRC.

Fundraising on tap

Join the UK's only fee-free platform with no voluntary contributions requested from donors.


All Wonderful charities can choose to be featured at Wonderful.org, the online fundraising platform that's 100% giving.

Beautiful fundraising pages

Charity events

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Get off the ground quickly

Register your charity

If your charity has been registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales or the Scottish Charity Register for twelve months or longer, you'll be taking donations in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

All we need is a recent charity bank statement. Just pop your charity registration number below to get started.

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