Pay by Bank donations for UK charities




and 90% cheaper than card payments*

Instant, direct transfers to your charity are securely authorised from your donors' online or mobile bank accounts.

*compared with the cost of processing a £40 donation.

Want to get
off the ground quickly?

Speedy Boarding

We are now able to verify 80% of charities immediately, so if your charity has been registered with the Charity Commission for England & Wales or the Scottish Charity Register for twelve months or longer, you'll be taking donations in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

All we need is a recent charity bank statement. Just pop your charity registration number below to get started.

Charity registration number:

A revolution for UK charities

In simple terms, Open Banking is a new technology that significantly changes how banks and other financial institutions handle and share our financial data. By creating a secure system of communication between banks and third-party providers Open Banking allows businesses, charitable organisations and individuals to access better financial services and products.


No card payments means no card processing fees, and that means lower transaction fees and more funds for your charity.


Open Banking payments reach the recipient's bank much more quickly than other methods.


Making a payment via Open Banking is faster and easier than entering long card numbers, billing addresses and other details required for online payments.


Open Banking also makes online payments more secure, as every transaction is also protected by the donor's bank's security.

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