Super-slick donation flow

From every channel

Thanks to new financial technology, instant and direct donations to your charity can now be securely authorised from donors' online or mobile bank accounts. Gone are the days of entering long card numbers, billing addresses and account details. Wonderful automatically hands o to your donors’ existing banking apps to confirm each payment.

And did we mention? We've ditched the fees.

Wonderful doesn’t operate like a traditional payment processor or online fundraising platform. By supporting direct, A2A (account-to-account) payments, it’s service is completely free for registered UK charities, subject to fair usage. Charities can also be featured on the 100% fee-free fundraising platform,

Donation started

Place a donate button on your existing website, link to your dedicated charity donation page or add your Wonderful QR code on fundraising materials.

Data captured

At the point of donation, Wonderful gathers the relevant information, including Gift Aid declaration and contact preferences.

Payment authorised

To complete their donation, the donor simply selects their bank, and securely authorises a direct payment to your charity via their own banking app.

Secure payments are direct payments

Believe it or not, card payments can involve 5 or more intermediaries, with money passing through each before it reaches the recipient organisation. Wonderful is different.

Wonderful never sees or touches the bank details of charity donors. It collects the information needed to initiate the payment and securely conects the donor to their chosen banking service to authorise the payment. All they need to do is select their bank. This is made possible by Open Banking, a government-backed development, which all major UK banks now support.

A breath of fresh air for supporters

For too long, card payments have been clunky, frustrating and prone to security issues.

Instead, Wonderful uses Open Banking technology to make giving a breeze.

Credit/debit card payments Wonderful payments
Details required Name on card
16-digit card number
Expiry date
Post code
Touch/Face ID or
Online Banking password
Time taken 1-5 minutes 20 seconds
Cost to charity 1.4% of donation value + 20p FREE*

*Subject to fair usage.

image of gift aid donation data for charities
Boost donations by 20%

Full Gift Aid data and donation history

With your Wonderful admin account you get full access to your charity’s donation data, including everything you need to claim Gift Aid on all eligible donations.

Monitor your donation activity from the dashboard, find specific transactions or bulk export all payments as a .CSV file for deeper analysis.

Get started

As long as your charity is UK registered, and has been for at least 12 months, you can get started now.

Start accepting donations free of charge now.

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