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A simple solution for UK charities.

UK charities are just as vulnerable to financial crime and fraudulent activity as commercial businesses. Keeping money safe is paramount, and inspiring donor confidence is critical to fundraising success.

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  Bank-grade protection

Donating with Wonderful means making a direct bank transfer to a registered and vetted charity, without having to enter sort codes, account numbers or card details.

Each payment is directly authorised by the donor's existing mobile banking service, making it secure by nature.


Prevention first

Collecting and storing payment details carries risks, so we leave it to the banks.

The best way to keep donors’ financial data safe is to not handle it in the first place. Unlike with card payments, Wonderful payments don’t require access to payment details or sensitive financial information. We leave that to the banks. There’s no storing of card numbers or bank security/log in details, which significantly reduces risks.

image of gift aid donation data for charities
Change is good


Wonderful donations are made possible by Open Banking, a secure banking practice that changes how banks and other financial institutions handle our financial data.

Open Banking is subject to strict standards introduced by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to ensure that all banks and third party payment providers follow the same rules when implementing their payment interfaces and levels of security.

By creating this secure system of communication between banks and third-party providers, Open Banking allows businesses, charitable organisations and individuals to access better financial services. This includes services that drastically improve the process and security of making a payment to a charity. These Payment Initiation Services (PIS) communicate directly with the donor’s bank, using the bank’s security systems, to request the authorisation of a payment.

For the donor, the experience is a breath of fresh air compared to paying by card or manually transferring money to a charity. After specifying their donation amount, Gift Aid declaration etc., they are simply handed over to their online/mobile banking service to securely authorise a direct payment to the charity.

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Ready to up the security?

As long as your charity is UK registered, and has been for at least 12 months, you can submit an application to Wonderful now.

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