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Revolutionise your WooCommerce store with our easy to install payment plugin

Slash your payment processing costs with ZERO percentage fees and deliver a seamless checkout experience.

  • No percentage fees
  • 2,000 monthly transactions at 1p per transaction
  • Instant payments and instant settlement
  • Integration with existing payment methods
  • Reduced friction
  • Improved security
  • A positive impact on important causes

Increase profits and improve your WooCommerce store with Wonderful payments

2,000 monthly transactions at 1p per transaction are bundled within our Business WooCommerce Plan at just £19.99. Any transactions made outside the bundle are also only charged at 1p per transaction.

WooCommerce and Wonderful payments

Download direct from the plugin store

Wonderful Payments’ WooCommerce plugin is available directly in the plugin store for a 1-click installation.

Quick and easy configuration in WooCommerce

Configuring our plugin within WooCommerce is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing you to customise settings quickly to suit your business.

Instant payments in just a few minutes

Experience the convenience of instant payments. With our plugin, your WooCommerce store will be processing payments in just a few minutes.

Simple, fast and completely secure

By integrating your WooCommerce store with the Wonderful payment plugin, you provide your customers with a seamless three step checkout experience. It’s simple, fast and secure:

Review your order... select your bank... authorise payment.
Tap, tap, done

It is also completely secure because a huge amount of data sharing is eliminated and each transaction benefits from inherent Strong Customer Authentication. Because the payments are made directly from the bank, they benefit from bank-level security. Rest assured, Open Banking uses rigorously tested software and security systems, and only apps and websites regulated by the FCA or European equivalent can initiate payments for customers.

Powered by Open Banking

Instant bank payments are account-to-account transactions powered by Open Banking. They are approved directly from the customer’s bank account, simply approved from within their online bank or mobile banking app. There's no data entry at all (no account holder name, account number or sort code to enter) making the process simple and secure.

7 million users benefiting from Open-Banking-powered services, products and apps.

The Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee (JROC, formed of HM Treasury, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) have presented a very positive view of Open Banking’s place in the UK economy.

Compare the savings

By integrating the Wonderful payment plugin with your WooCommerce Store you pay a fraction of what other providers charge. Compare the payment processing charges of your current providers with the 1p per transaction fee offered by Wonderful for your online transactions.

  • PayPal 1.5% + 10p
  • Stripe 1.5% + 20p
  • Wonderful 1p

The savings are huge. As an example, with an average volume of 500 transactions / month, and an average order value of £50, Stripe’s headline fees of 1.5% + 20p* would cost your business £475 / month. In contrast, you’ll pay just £19.99 / month with Wonderful. That’s a whopping saving, which can be put straight back into growing your business. * As of February 2024

How it works

Your customer simply selects Wonderful at checkout, and they’re seamlessly directed to their mobile or online bank. There, they’ll find the transaction pre-populated with the amount they’re paying and the recipient (i.e. your business bank account).

They approve the payment in seconds using biometric data (face ID / fingerprint) or any other security method they have applied to their mobile / online bank account, and the money moves instantly from their bank account to yours.

A better checkout experience

Did you know that more shopping carts are abandoned than completed? The Wonderful payment plugin is designed to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions. It’s a seamless, secure and intuitive checkout experience that your customers will love.

WooCommerce checkout screenshot

Baymard’s study

Earlier this year Baymard found that the average cart abandonment rate for ecommerce retailers is a huge 70%! And for 22% of those abandonments, the reason given is that the payment process is too complicated.

View Baymard’s study →

Reduce checkout abandonment

With our Wonderful payment plugin your WooCommerce store will deliver a secure and seamless three step checkout experience. Not only does this reduce cart abandonment, it also improves customer satisfaction and retention scores.

Integration with existing payment methods

Wonderful is not a “this or that” solution. It’s “this AND that”. You can offer the Wonderful instant bank payment service alongside any other services you offer to your customers, giving them flexibility to choose their preferred payment method at checkout.

Adding Wonderful is straightforward, particularly with our new dedicated WooCommerce plugin. It's a simple as registering your business with Wonderful, installing our plugin via WordPress and enabling it on your checkout page.

Make a positive impact

One of the main motivations for shoppers preferring to buy from small businesses is ESG. Customers often prefer to buy from local suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint; they want to support small businesses with big ambitions; they want to buy from people who are doing it right.

“I’ve been really happy to use Wonderful – we’ve predominantly used it for our company challenges to raise money for a small, lesser-known charity. It’s enormously reassuring to know that all the money raised goes to the charity and that there aren’t any hidden charges.”

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Abi Liddle

And what better way to show them that’s the case than by putting your customers’ money where their mouth (and heart!) is?

Wonderful is your payment provider with ESG baked in. We provide a free fundraising platform for registered UK charities which saves them thousands of pounds on processing and platform fees. So, just by buying and selling using Wonderful, your customers and you are supporting great causes. At no additional cost to either of you.

So, by aligning your store with us, you’re doing a world of good for countless causes. All while saving money and making the checkout process swifter and safer for your customers.

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