The future of payments? How does 1p per transaction sound?

Kingsley Ohia - 8th Aug, 2023

We've only gone and done it. 1p per transaction, for any UK business taking payments through One, our simple, versatile mobile app.

Wonderful's new point-of-sale app allows businesses to initiate instant bank payments from customers, via secure payment links or QR codes.

Customers benefit from Wonderful's effortless payment flow:

  • Tap or scan your payment request
  • Select your bank
  • Instantly and securely approve your payment

There's no data entry required. Customers review and approve their transaction in the familiar and secure environment provided by their bank.

Strong Customer Authentication is built into every transaction, the payment experience is a breeze, and the funds settle in the receiving business account instantly.

Simple pricing. Huge savings.

Wonderful's small business plan aims to shake up the payments landscape for SMEs, with an extremely cost-effective pricing model...

  • Up to 1,000 transactions, for £9.99 a month.
  • Any additional transactions in a given month are also charged at just 1p! 🤯

Wonderful offers payments as a service, removing percentage-based fees entirely and saving businesses a fortune on their transactions.

A game-changer?

When it's 97% cheaper than the competition, we think so.

As a quick illustration, let's assume a business makes around 500 sales in a month, with an average order value of £50.

At Stripe's base rate of 1.5% + 20p, this would cost £375.20 per month.

With Wonderful, it would cost £9.99.

Wonderful helps businesses direct more of their time and money towards providing fantastic products and services, rather than processing payments!

Easily calculate your savings

To make it easy to see how much can be saved, you can use the quick savings calculator on our website.

Instant payments, in your pocket

The latest version of Wonderful's new mobile Point of Sale app offers a flexible and convenient way to take payments in different ways:

  • Use Quick payments to share a link or QR code for any amount
  • Create a library of reusable payment requests/QR codes for different products and services
  • Build an order with multiple items/quantities for a specific customer.

The app has been designed to fit a wide range of customer/merchant scenarios, whether you sell street food, event tickets, or physiotherapy sessions.

With Wonderful, every business can benefit from instant, secure and extremely cost-effective transactions.

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